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The Burden In His Heart

The Burden In His Heart By Kirk Hunt


Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2 NKJV


It was 1990-ish and I sat alone in a room of white men and told the story from my heart. “White cops do not stop to help black men.” I was there to learn about how to minister. Instead, I discovered a burden in my heart I did not know I had. A hurt I would have otherwise kept hidden.


My Christian brothers listened carefully to a viewpoint they did not expect to hear. They could not reject my story without rejecting me. So, for a little while, they helped me bear my burden. Their obedience to Jesus helped begin healing an infection that could have disqualified me from ministry.


I did learn a lesson about ministering to men and women during that day. Whatever you think, a man’s experience is his experience. He is correct about what he felt. You may not understand or agree, but you cannot reject the story that comes from his heart without rejecting him. And it may be appropriate for your heart to ache with him.


I struggle when men and women tell me hard, painful stories about their earthly fathers. My memory of Poppa Hunt remains my most valuable possession. Still, I believe the story they share from their heart. I then lead that hurting soul to Jesus, our Healer.


In the coming days and weeks, God’s people will be ministers of healing, reconciliation and restoration. It starts with a willingness to accept the heart the story comes from. Then lead them humbly and graciously to Jesus. Bear their burden, for a while, so that healing can begin.


Think: Reconciliation and healing begin by bearing someone’s burden.


Pray: “Lord, help me to bear someone’s burden, as Your instrument of healing.”


Copyright © July 2016, Kirk Hunt

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  1. I remember being in that room with you. It was right after the Rodney King incident. I remember feeling your heart hurt as you explained that you would have to have the same conversation with your sons (about race and caution) that your dad had with you. Thank you for your honest testimony.

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