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Born For Adversity

Born For Adversity By Kirk Hunt

A friend loves at all times,
And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 NKJV

I have complained that my siblings do not gather well. A breakfast or lunch for the pleasure of their company is a labored exercise in logistics and scheduling. On the other hand, they appear instantly if there is trouble or adversity.

I pray your life consists of smooth waters and gentle breezes. I would prefer you never need help or assistance. More likely, you know that even God’s favorites can experience raging storms and violent winds.

It is when adversity batters you hardest that true friends and faithful brothers are revealed. You may have to pick up the phone and ask for their support. Their response may start with an awkward silence. Perhaps their response will begin with hesitant stuttering.

You will know before the end. The fair-weather posers will disappear. Your real kith and kin will be revealed, standing at your side. Those who refuse to leave until they know you are okay are the best of the lot.

God does not always send angels. Sometimes He sends folks you did not know were watching or cared. Not even the pelting rain and howling winds of the worst circumstances can drive off true friends or faithful family.

Be certain that God has appointed men and women, boys and girls, to love you in sincerity and faithfulness. They will not abandon you in adversity. In the choice between the pleasant lunch or the difficult lurch, I’m certain you know when it is best that they show up.

Think: God has surrounded me with true friends and faithful family.

Pray: “Lord, if You do not send angels, please send true friends and faithful family.”


Copyright © March 2017, Kirk Hunt

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