He proved. You prove.

He First Loved

He First Loved By Kirk Hunt

We love Him because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19 NKJV

In prayer, I step out of my mundane living room and into the august grandeur of His presence. Seated on His Throne, His full glory and holiness shines out, promising nothing but perfect justice and impeccable judgment. Instead, He first loved me.

Our infinite and all-powerful God is perfection, holiness and justice. Mankind should have been found guilty in judgment long ago. Instead, He first loved us.

Jesus chose to reconcile man to God in righteousness. Father-God allowed Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross to tear the veil and once again allow us free access to Himself. He acted because He first loved us.

Grace gives gifts we can never earn or be worthy to receive. Mercy blocks the results of our sin, despite the condemnation and judgment we have so richly earned and deserved. After all, He first loved us.

His love is not blind, yet we are precious in His sight. God moved heaven and earth to make provision for us. We should understand he did so because He first loved us.

We should return His love with all our hearts and mind. It should be easy, since He gave the first proof. He first loved us.

This New Year’s Day, consider the eight words of 1 John 4:19. Make your plans understanding how He loves you. Map out your strategies, understanding how much He loves them. Your work should be easy, considering He loved you first.

Think: God reached to me first. How will I respond?

Pray: “Lord, thank you for loving me first.”


Copyright © December 2017, Kirk Hunt

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