Do not quit now.


Gift Minister By Kirk Hunt

But he who endures to the end shall be saved.

Matthew 24:13 NKJV

Endurance is the hallmark of a champion. Endurance allows you to continue on when others have given up in discouragement, or fallen in exhaustion. To win, you must first endure.

Athletes deliberately develop their endurance in order to better excel at their sport. The strategies of coaches, teams and individual competitors always include outlasting opponents. Military leaders may call it “toughness” but that does not change the fundamental character of staying on task after others have given up or fallen down.

Endurance is far more than physical stamina. A large portion of enduring is simply deciding that you will not quit. Often, athletes complain about “betrayal” by their own bodies. Their minds are fully prepared to continue, but their bodies stop at the edge of exhaustion (or worse). Physics or biology more often limit us than our mind-power or will-power.

Men and women of God have more than willpower to call upon. God grants endurance to those who ask, in His purpose. His power can suspend the laws of nature. His grace can give the gift of persistence. His mercy can push back the limiting results of poor decisions.

Who needs you to stay on task? What part of His Kingdom needs you to continue on after everyone else has given up or passed out? What stronghold, yours or theirs, needs just a few more strikes of the hammer before it falls?

You can be a Gospel champion. First, decide you want to endure. Second, ask God for what you need to endure. Everything after that is just time or miles.

Think: Endurance is not optional in the life of a Christian.

Pray: “Lord, help me to endure through your power, grace and mercy.”


Copyright © February 2018, Kirk Hunt

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