Love One Another

Love One Another by Kirk Hunt

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

John 13:34 NKJV

Jesus commanded us to love each other. He also commanded that we look at His acts as examples. Just do what Jesus did.

Perhaps you think that love is just an emotion. You should know that love is an act. It is something you choose, then spend blood or sweat or tears to make happen.

At the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus wept. He then called a cold corpse back to warm life. Love overcomes death.

The Pharisees threw the adulterous woman at His feet and demanded blood and judgment. Jesus silently revealed the shame or error of the accusers, then forgave her. Love overcomes sin.

The Romans scourged Him, then nailed Him to a cross. And His blood gave us salvation. An act of love returned us to fellowship with God.

Love cannot stand at the side and watch. Love jumps into the middle of the storm and does something about the situation. Love gives, at great cost. Love takes the hurt and loss and gives blessing and benefit.

Love is not just a warm, fuzzy feeling. Real love demands that we expend time or talent or treasure for others. Often for those who scorn you for the benefit they receive. Just like Jesus did.

Think: Do I follow Jesus’ commandment to love?

Pray: “Lord, help me to love You enough to follow Your commandments.”

Copyright © January 2022, Kirk Hunt

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