Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed by Kirk Hunt

In You, O Lord, I put my trust;
Let me never be ashamed;
Deliver me in Your righteousness.

Psalms 31:1  NKJV

David fled from his father-in-law like a criminal.  King Saul viewed his loyalty, faithfulness and fidelity as crimes, fit only for death.  Still God never let David be ashamed.

Certainly, there is nothing like the fugitive life to teach you fear and paranoia.  Or perhaps the lesson David learned is faith and confidence in God.  God delivered David through His righteousness, at a time of His choosing.

Hunted as a fugitive, David did not despair.  Unjustly accused, David did not lose faith.  Despite these admirable responses, David remained human after all.  David cried out for deliverance and confirmation.

Christian saints, like all human men and women, are hurt and battered at times.  The storms and tempests of this life can stress and strain the best of us.  Despite those times our faith in God is never misplaced.

God’s faithfulness is unending and immeasurable.  No one who trusts in God will ever be disappointed.  Still, during a long, sleepless night, it’s too easy to wonder when His deliverance will arrive.

God is there.  You will not be left “holding the bag.”  God will not let your inconveniences be the end of you.

Put your trust in Him.  Stand and wait for His deliverance.  It may take a while, but God will not let you be ashamed.

Think:      Put your trust in God.  No matter how it looks, He is in control.

Pray:         “Lord, I choose to trust You.  You will not let me be ashamed.


Copyright © September 2019, Kirk Hunt

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